Wine Tasting Club

The Wine Club would like to invite you to cruise to south America for a new adventure in wine & bites of food from some of the countries of South America. Wine tasting club is the third Thursday of every month ( even in the summer months ). May’s meeting is the 18th with a cut off date of May 12th at noon to get your fee of $8.00 into the club-house. Make checks payable to Gail Hilzer or cash is always welcome. Don’t forget to bring your glass and plenty of cash. We will have a drawing and 2 lucky people will win a MYSTERY PRIZE. The tickets are $1.00 each and 6 for $5.00. Please remember ALL proceeds will go to the disabled vets. If you haven’t given the wine club a try, now is the perfect time. Membership is only a $1.00 a year. We look forward to seeing you on the 18th at 6:30pm. Remember we are always looking for volunteers!