Trip Back in Time to Mescal (the movie set)

Time to plan ahead!   Caravan with your neighbors at Rancho Resort to meet up at Mescal on December 13th, 2 p.m.   The sister site to Old Tucson Studios, Mescal has been featured in over 50 films, television programs and commercials including The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, the 1993 version of Tombstone and Buffalo Soldiers.  There has been some recent filming at the studios as well.
Unlike Old Tucson Studios, Mescal is just a movie set. You won’t find fake gunfights or simulated hangings here, just a tour guide who will relate the site’s history.  Resident Frank Young is coordinating the event and asks those interested in going on the trip to sign up on the clipboard in the clubhouse.  There will be a place to sign in as a driver as well as passenger.   It’s a 42 mile drive east on I-10.   We can meet at the clubhouse at 12:45 p.m. and leave at 1 p.m.  Our tour will be led by Mescal Caretaker Frank Brown on site and he will collect $10 per person at the location.  Mescal has no restroom facilities, water or food. Fill up (and empty out) before you leave Rancho Resort.   Recommend you bring a light jacket or vest as it gets breezy at times.  Come and enjoy the trip!