Take a Hike, TOO

This hike is nearby and also a week early.  The next Weds after this is Christmas, so we moved the hike up a week.

We are going to McGee Ranch and hike to “The Honeymoon Cottage” , then go to Keystone Peak (to the towers up a dirt road).  It is only 2.6 miles to cottage and another 1.4 miles to the towers at Keystone Peak. The hike will be 4 miles each way for a total of 8 miles.  Those who only want to go to the cottage are free to do so.  Some may want to go to the peak.  Either way is fine with us.  We’ll see how it goes.

Bring water, hiking sticks, wear hiking boots, snack, lunch, and layer clothing.

Sign up on hiking sheet in lobby.  Indicate if you are will to drive. Pay to your driver $3.00 minimum

Call Bill Simpson at 520 232-3670 if any questions.