Take a Hike, Too

Millville/Petroglyph Discovery Trail

This town was founded to process ore taken from silver mines in Tombstone.  Millville boomed for less than 10 years. This trail is on the San Pedro River area in Sierra Vista. We will visit Charleston, an old abandoned town site for Millville.  Charleston was known as a town “Too mean to live”.  Town was founded in 1879 and produced $1.4 Billion in silver bullion in one year (from April 1881-1882).  A new Petroglyph Discovery trail will take us through interpretive exhibits, to Millville and two petroglyph sites. Total loop trail is approximately 4 miles with little elevation.  Please bring lots of water, wear hiking boots, bring a snack, sunscreen, a hat etc.  This entire hike is all in the sun.  Be prepared.

Pay to driver $10.00 per hiker.  Call Bill Simpson if any questions 520-232-3670.