We will be venturing out to the Bisbee area.  The finds will be fluorescing Calcite (which shows bright red) and Aragonite (which produces a mild white color).  According to our info some of these could be in rather large specimens.  So be sure to bring a pick or some tool(s) to break off smaller pieces.  We will also try to make it to Gold Gulch.  Here the find is Quartz Crystal Druse.  Again, be sure to bring tools.  It is even suggested to have a heavy sledge hammer as the ‘best’ specimens are to be found inside large rock outcroppings.  It will be a full day’s trip as just getting to and from the sites will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 hours.  Also, the sites are rated at 3-5+ difficulty in road conditions.  With the cooler weather it should be a great time for rock hounding.  We will meet at the clubhouse at 8:00 on December 12.  Definitely bring lunch, water and munchies.  Check the weather to confirm what suits you best for clothing and footwear.  Any questions, plz contact Tom M at (520)207-0140.