M&M Club is on the prowl

Thurs., Sept 11, 7:30 Lobby

Santa Rita Mts.

Figure it’s about time we got ourselves back out into the great outdoors!  So we are going to try for a trip into the Santa Rita Mts on Thursday, Sept.  11.  We will roaming the area checking out a couple of mine sites and just generally getting back into the swing of things.  Bring your general rock hounding/metal detecting gear, sun protection, plenty of water and a light snack/lunch.  Since we will still be having some pretty warm days, we figure on departing the clubhouse around 7:30am.  This will be one of our shorter trips which will allow us to get out before the heat of the day.  Hope to see everyone who enjoys traveling our wonderful Arizona deserts – you don’t have to be an M&M’r. For question plz contact Tom M. @ 520-207-0140.  We will have a signup sheet in the lobby