M&M Club

Come join us for a little bit of everything. We’ll be headed out to Prescott on Monday, April 11th and returning (Fri) the 15th. Some will be stay-ing at Point of the Rocks RV Park and some at La Quinta Hotel. There will be sightseeing, rock hounding, casino-ing, potluck, and general fun for all. Watson Lake is right next to the RV Park. So you might want to bring fishing gear as well (you will need a license). We plan to meet up in the Courtyards at 8:30am, Monday (11th). How-ever, if you are not RV-ing it, you might want to leave later. The temps might still be a little cool up there, especially at night. So bring cooler clothes as well as apparel for rock hounding. At this time, we are contacting the rock hounding club in Prescott for advice on locations we might check out while there. Then we will know what kind of rocks we will be hunting for.

Questions, call Tom Monroe at (520) 207-0140