M&M Club

On January 22nd, 2015 the M&M Club will be visiting the Alto group of mines in the Santa Rita’s.  We will be coming in from the Patagonia side.  Not only will we be rock hounding; but will take a look at some ruins which include an old adobe post office.  We aren’t sure just exactly what kind of specimens we will be finding.  However, there should be chrysocolla, azurite and other miscellaneous offerings.  We will be having lunch at the mines and will probably be out for a good part of the day based on the trip time.  Be sure to dress for the weather.  It could be somewhat chilly (especially in the morning) so you might want to wear layers.  Bring your buckets, gloves, metal detectors and whatever else you use for searching out that perfect specimen.  We will meet in the lobby at 8:00am.  The sign-up sheet will be posted in the lobby.  As always, if you have any questions, contact Tom M.  520-207-0140.