M & M Club

The M & M Club is looking at two options. One would be heading out to the Dudleyville area. The main item of interest is calcite crystals (greenish in color). Another possibility is the World Fair Mine, which is located in the Patagonia area. We will check this out prior to our outing date to determine whether this is a feasible location for our group. Plan on a full day as we know Dudleyville is around a 2 hour drive each way. If we do Patagonia, it will probably be a shorter trip. At this time, we don’t know what the roads are like for Patagonia. However, Dudleyville should not require 4 wheel drive vehicles. High clearance would be preferred due to the possibility of water crossing(s). As always, bring plenty of water and whatever foodstuffs you might want for lunch or snacking. We should be on the warm side as far as weather goes, so dress accordingly. Since we aren’t sure which location we are going to head out to, we suggest bringing your basic rock hounding equipment.