Historic Canoa Ranch Presentation

The speaker will be Simon Herbert, Architectural Preservationist and Program Coordinator for the Historic Hacienda De La Canoa.  This 4,800-acre ranch and ranch headquarters are part of Pima County’s Raul M. Grijalva Canoa Ranch Conservation Park managed by the Department of Natural Re-sources, Parks and Recreation.  See your tax dollars at work.

Mr. Herbert will provide a short history of the ranch which started as a Spanish Land Grant in 1821.  He will discuss the restoration of the dozen or so adobe buildings and other features on the ranch.  Photographs of ranch families and artifacts of ranch life on display will be shown.  If you have an interest in Southern Arizona history, especially as it relates to a 500,000-acre ranch, please come and ask questions.  See the restoration efforts underway.  Visits and guided tours of the ranch headquarters are available each week.