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The following statements and comments come directly from the CC&R’s and Rules and Regulations, and Bylaws:
1. Residents should refrain from smoking inside the Clubhouse, activity rooms, and pool areas.
2. Weapons of any type are not permitted in or on any common area including Clubhouse.
3. In order to participate in Rancho Resort’s activities, utilize Clubhouse or any recreational amenities, you must have your Name Badge prominently displayed on your
body. You may be asked to leave the Clubhouse or other areas if you do not have your badge.
4. No one under the age of 16 should operate a golf cart in Rancho Resort.
5. Dry-camping is not permitted under any circumstances.
6. It is a violation to park a vehicle in any area designated as a fire lane.
7. Noncompliance with traffic and parking regulations may
result in a fine being assessed. These regulations pertain
to all vehicles. Safe and careful driving is the responsibility of residents, their visitors and guests.