HAC Chat

Management has advised that their representatives have met with Ace Paving and that a punch list has been worked up. They will be making repairs in late November, early December. Drive cautiously wherever they are working. Some residents are still expressing concerns about auto, truck and golf cart driver’s exceeding the posted speed limits and ignoring stop signs, even after speed tables have been installed. Please, honor the posted speed limits and stop signs. If you have a contractor working at your home, make sure they park out of the fire lane and are not blocking your neighbor’s driveway. Last comments on this: Three of your Homeowner Advisory Committee members are approaching the end of their terms (December). If you are interested in serving, fill out a blue card with your name, address, and phone number and drop it in the suggestion box located in the lobby.  Thank you to two residents who have offered to serve starting in January 2019. We need two more! Bring your money for the 50/50 drawing.