HAC Chat

Happy Spring! The weather is getting warmer, plants and trees are turning green and some flowers are blooming. Yes, we know some of you will be leaving our tranquil resort over the next couple of months …. We’ll miss you!
Your Homeowners Advisory Committee would like to remind residents to review their CC & R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions). If you purchased a home here in our planned, convenanted community, you are required to be part of our homeowners’ association (HOA). The rules of the HOA community are outlined in what is called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) The CC&R’s are the rules of your neighborhood. The goal of the CC&R’s is to protect, preserve and enhance property values in the community. Most of the time, the rules make sense and are easy to accept. However, other rules might interfere with your plans or seem downright unreasonable to you. For example, perhaps you want to park your car on the street and store your extra belongings in the garage. However, your HOA has guidelines for where you can park. Contact Rancho Resort staff at the clubhouse to seek clarification. If you’re planning a project down the line (say, painting your house a new color), you’ll need to check with the CC&R’s to make sure that the paint color you have chosen is approved. You should have also received a copy of Rules & Regulations (dated 2003) for the resort when you purchased your home. Re-view them … if you need a copy ask Associa for a copy.
In conclusion, if we all follow the CC & R’s along with the Rules & Regulations, peace and harmony in the re-sort will continue to benefit all of us! See you at the April FYI/HAC meeting!