HAC Chat

The Monsoons have ended, the deserts have their foliage on display and the sun is shining! Life is good! Residents are beginning to return from their summer getaways as well and they surely have noticed that our roadways, in the resort, have received a much-needed facelift. Speed tables have been installed and pedestrians have already noticed drivers are slowing down on the boulevard and stopping more often at stop signs.

Four of your Homeowner Advisory Committee (HAC) members are approaching the end of their terms (December): Frank Young, Chairman, Vern Butler, Secretary, Stuart Tobin, Vice Chairman and Billie Morton, Member at Large. They have served the community for many years. Time for some “new blood” to step up and join the committee. Terms on the committee are for two years. If you are interested in serving every month of the term, fill out a blue card ( located in the lobby ) with your name, address, phone number and why you are interested and drop it in the suggestion box.