HAC Chat

Thank you AAA for your work filling in the empty spots on the Boulevard and other areas with new plants. They look great! The supplement to our Resident Directory is now available in the clubhouse office. A big welcome to our new homeowners listed in the supplement. I understand we may see a new Resident Directory for 2019-20. Staff and HAC invite our new residents to get involved in our many activities in the resort. All residents should review the monthly Roadrunner and the resort’s website to keep appraised of clubs in the resort as well as events! We encourage all homeowners to attend our monthly one hour, Homeowner Advisory Committee and FYI meetings. This is a great way to keep appraised of what is happening in Rancho Resort. Have a great June!

Some residents have complained that the trash trucks have loose trash and recyclables blowing from the trash trucks in the resort. If residents can put this material in large bags and inside the trash containers, this might remedy the situation. Recyclables need to be in clear plastic bags.