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Sunbirds/Snowbirds…however you describe them, are begin-ning to leave our beautiful resort! Safe travel and hurry back! Time for the annual warnings! Rattlesnakes have already been sighted in the resort. As temperatures increase, more people will see them. Our state is home to 13 species and they range far and wide, from deserts, washes, canyons, forests and yes…to urban backyards. The venomous snakes sometimes rattle before striking, but not always. If you come across a rattlesnake in the resort, call 911 and request Rural Metro to come out and collect it. If your bitten, go immediately to a medical facility for examination and treatment with antivenom. On to Javelinas…Javelinas are commonplace here because the resort has washes and natural desert areas. Javelinas usually cause only minor problems for people by surprising them or eating a few plants. However, people should NEVER feed javelinas. This can cause them to become regular visitors and lose their fear of people, creating problems for the resort neighborhoods! In conclusion…enjoy our May flowers!