HAC Chat

March 20th was the first official day of spring and warmer weather has arrived! Enjoy! It’s that time of year when we ask residents and homeowners to start thinking and formulating suggestions to be considered for the 2019 Rancho Resort budget. HAC and Management are looking for suggestions that take into consideration cost as well as benefit to the majority of our homeowners. When you’re ready to summit your suggestion, drop it in the HAC Suggestion Box in the Clubhouse Lobby.

Resident Safety Concern: Once again, we have a select number of resident motor vehicle drivers, including golf cart drivers, who choose to ignore speed limit and stop signs in the Resort. Recently, additional signs were installed, and they are greatly appreciated by most residents. Please, obey those signs! Thank you!

Please check out the new Rancho Resort Facebook page that was created by your HAC Treasure Steve Walder . Once you are logged in to your personal Facebook account, search for Residents of Rancho Resort and click join. The page administrator will shortly approve your request.