HAC Chat

I want to thank the Rancho Resort office staff as well as the Associa staff for organizing the Annual Meeting January 9th.  Setup of the auditorium style seating, sign in and conduct of the meeting, etc. was excellent.  Thank you!  Also noted at the Annual Meeting were certain questions on subjects brought up previously by residents, discussed, and answered at the monthly FYI/HAC meetings.  Your Homeowners Advisory Committee once again would encourage all residents to attend the monthly FYI/HAC meeting the third Wednesday of every month at 11 a.m.  This will allow you to stay abreast of issues of concern, getting answers, as well providing you the oppor-tunity of bringing them up yourself at the meetings.  Further, we invite you, prior to the meetings, when you have a concern to fill out a blue index card in the lobby stating your question or concern and drop it in the suggestion box in the lobby on the counter next to clipboards and bulletin board.  Be sure to put your name and phone on the blue index card if you want a response from HAC or Rancho Resort Management Staff.  We also encourage residents, if they miss a meeting, to re-view the HAC Minutes Binder in the Library.  You can review what was discussed at our meetings and resolutions.  Finally, we still have residents, guests, and some contractors speeding and running stop signs.  Please, slow down and obey speed limit and stop signs in the resort.  Happy Valentine’s Day February 14th!!!