The Carnival is Here!

Well come on and join the fun of an old fashion (ride less) evening of luck. We will have games of skill and chance. For those who want to eat, there will be 2 food trucks here. One will feature the Sonora Hot Dogs with snacks and drinks. The other will offer Panini with choices of special drinks. Your meals from the trucks will cost around $5.00 so bring your money. Activities will also be selling popcorn and cotton candy for 50 cents each. Bring your change! The trucks will be here from 5:00 to 6:30.


There will be a limited number of scratch tickets that can be awarded to players holdingĀ  a certain amount of winning chips. There will still be more information on this event by flyer as the final details are worked out. Watch your mailboxes. TicketsĀ  for this event are $5.00! Remember to bring dollars and change for your food purchases and of course, BYOB!