Buenos Amigos: “Bring a Bag- Win a Bag” Event

Mark your calendars! Buenos Amigos will be hosting “Bring a Bag – Win a Bag”. Everyone is encouraged to bring a $5 item in a bag! Seal it, tape it or staple it shut. Make it pretty or ugly,  or even in a brown bag! All those participating will get a ticket and starting at 7pm, tickets will be drawn and you’ll take your choice of a bag (you’re welcome to make trades). We will mark them with W (women), M (men) or E (either). Please no silly gag gifts; a few suggestions…gift card, wine, beer/pop, scarf, candy, etc… There will be a self serve snack table with chips, crack- ers & dip. You’re welcome to bring your own snack and of course don’t forget your bever- age…plan to have a fun time!