Activities Committee

The Activities meeting is an all resident club with no sign up or fee. It is time to vote for the 2014 Activities Board. The positions are for Treasurer & Secretary. In addition to these positions, we are adding a Member At Large. This position will be part of the officers and should one officer step down, our Member at Large will assume the vacant office. One of these nominees will need to be a 2 year term so that there is someone who knows how things are done to help the new members. An example is Kat Page, chair, she remains chair for a second year to help the new team learn. If you would like to nominate someone in the community or yourself, please let me know. We are one month behind due to the web site being down. We need to reach the snowbirds for their input. It is preferred that the officers are not gone for long periods of time. Please get those names in so that we may vote in the December Activities Meeting for our 2014 Officers.